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Ielts essay 8.0 societies benefit from contact with foreigners

During the 20th century, contact between different parts of the world has developed rapidly thanks to air travel and telecommunication. To what extent do you agree that societies benefit from the increased contact and closer relationships with foreigners brought by international tourism and business?


Main Topic: Globalization – Dạng bài: Agree/Disagree – dạng này rất dễ làm lạc đề nha. Câu đầu tiên chỉ là dẫn vào đề. Câu thứ 2 của đề mới là quan điểm và phạm vi chỉ là contact with foreigners

Over the last decades, air travel and telecommunication development have brought people from different countries closer together and gradually turned the world into a global village. Many opine that societies can reap great benefits from increased interactions with foreign people through international trade and tourism. I partly agree with this view because I believe countries also face huge challenges arising from this trend.

Admittedly, increased international relations can have dazzling economic and social benefits. By doing business with foreigners, local people can exchange their surplus goods and services to earn more income. In fact, international trade expansion has lifted billions of people in Asia and Africa out of poverty. Additionally, the remarkable growth of cross-cultural activities have resulted in greater cultural awareness and tolerance. American people , for instance, used to be seen as cruel and materialistic by Vietnamese people. After several decades of doing business and welcoming American partners and tourists, however, most people in Vietnam now no longer hold that belief. Indeed, international cultural contact has dispelled a number of stereotypes and prejudices against other nations. 

Nevertheless, I believe increased contact and closer relationships between nations might entail a number of drawbacks. A huge challenge facing many countries now is the erosion of indigenous cultures. The popularity of western lifestyle in other parts of the world has led to the disappearance of local traditions, customs and practices. Hill tribal people in the far north of Vietnam, for example, used to wear their traditional costumes. After years of tourism promotion, however, most locals are now wearing jeans and T-shirts. Another example of this is the spread of western food brands like Mc Donald’s and KFC across the globe which has promoted convenience food and eating out at the expense of traditional food and family eating. This can lead to the loss of meaningful traditions as well as cultural diversity, meaning that the world might become a…

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