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Ielts Essay 8.0 Have children later in life

Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What are the
reasons?  Is this a positive or negative development? (Dạng 2- PART QUESTION – có opinion: tốt hay xấu)

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Cách paraphrase:

  • Become more and more + adj = become increasingly + adj (common/ popular…)
  • More and more + noun = an increasing number of Noun
  • Delay having children / put off their parenthood

Intro: These days, an increasing number of people choose to have children later in life. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, including the demanding job market and rising child-rearing costs. While this trend is seen by many as a worrying problem, I consider it to be a positive development.


  • (the underlying reasons/ the primary reason/ the root cause/ the principal (fundamental)
    reason) might be that hoặc One main / major/ significant reason / cause might be that today young
    people want to concentrate/ focus on (= tend to prioritize) + their work / careers ; The job market
    has become increasingly competitive and unforeseeable, which demands young workers to devote
    most of their time to upskilling and reskilling/ acquiring new expertise and skills …
  • Another significant cause might be the increased cost of raising/ bringing up (rearing) children.
    This has forced many young couples to delay their parenthood until they are financially secure.
    Example: in VN, little children used to be minded by their elder siblings or grandparents while their
    parents were working. However, these days most Vietnamese working parents are living in a nuclear
    family in urban areas and have to send their little ones to childcare centers, which involves
    considerable costs.

POSITIVE / NEGATIVE: Although having children later might entail some repercussions, I believe this is
a positive trend.

  • People in their thirties tend to be more emotionally and financially stable, and therefore might be in a better position to raise healthy and well – adjusted children than their younger counterparts.
  • In addition, they often have a high level of education, which might lower their risk of postnatal depression or chance of getting stressed over taking care of their little ones
  • Recent research has shown that children born to mothers over 33 with a stable career and income can benefit greatly from their parenting styles which seem more relaxed and effective than that of young mothers. These children tend to have higher IQ and perform better at school…

In conclusion, …

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