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Fish Topic Speaking part 1 samples

Ielts Speaking Part 1 Fish – Go Fishing Topic – Sample Answers Band 8.0 in Ielts Speaking Book 2020 by Duong Vu

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  • Do you like eating fish?

Oh yes. I used to detest fish, I couldn’t stand their smell but now I eat them on a daily basis. As far as I know fish make an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet as they are low in fat and contain vital nutrients such as protein and calcium. Also, unlike pork or beef, fish offer a much wider variety to choose and there are countless delicious dishes made from them.

  • Where can you see fish?

When I lived in the countryside, my family had a tiny pond and I could see fish daily. Every morning, they kept coming to the surface to catch some fresh air. The colourful and graceful koi fish looked amazing. Since I moved to Hanoi, it has become almost impossible for me to see fish in their natural habitats such as lakes, rivers or streams. Now, I can only see them in aquariums, in supermarkets or on TV.

  • Do you often go fishing?

In my childhood, I would go fishing with my dad every weekend or whenever I had time to kill. Now, due to my hectic schedule, I’m no longer be able to enjoy this pastime as often as I wish, just a few times a year and mainly in autumn when the weather is mild and cool. Although I’ve become a lot more patient thanks to this hobby, I wouldn’t sit outdoors for several hours straight on a scorching summer day only to wait for a fish to bite.

  • Is going fishing popular in Vietnam?

I suppose so. While Vietnamese youngsters have never been really into fishing, it appears to be extremely popular among middle-aged men who have sufficient disposable income to spend on costly fishing gear. Also, there are a growing number of Vietnamese families who prefer spending their weekends in the countryside and going fishing is among their top favourite leisure activities.

  • Do you like to raise fish?

Well, I’m thinking of having a pet but fish don’t sound like a good idea. Since they live in water, it must be extremely complicated to take a good care of them. Cuddly animals like kittens or puppies seem more suitable for a busy bee like me.

  • Do you like sea or lake?

I would have to say that I have a special attachment to beaches and oceans as they evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. Growing up in a coastal village, I used to take them for granted. Since I moved to Hanoi, however, I’ve realized how much I adore the sea. Of course, lakes are amazing too, but they seem a bit more common.

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