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Essay Band 8 Crime – Prison or Education

Ielts Essay Band 8 Topic Crime Solution: Prison or Education – (Trích từ sách Ielts Writing 8.0 by Dương Vũ – Copyright by IDV IELTS:

“In many countries, the most common solution for criminal behaviour is prison but many believe that a better education is more effective.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

Throughout human history, societies have been seeking effective ways to curb crimes. While imprisonment has remained the most widely-used method, many argue that high-quality education can make a more powerful tool. I tend to take the view that these measures are equally essential to crime deterrence and elimination.

On the one hand, incarceration can play a crucial role in the maintenance of social stability. Dangerous criminals such as murderers, rapists and drug traffickers who pose a severe threat to law-abiding citizens should be kept in confinement. Long prison sentences might give them a chance to reflect on their heinous acts and thus prevent them from re-offending when released. Without prisons, rampant crimes could turn even the most peaceful and secure communities into complete chaos. Furthermore, by sending a clear message that any unlawful activities would not be tolerated, prison systems can also deter the general public, especially young people from contemplating a criminal life. Although the moral values of such systems remain questionable, societies need to have them in place to ensure the safety of conscientious individuals, at least for the short term.

On the other hand, an advanced education system can contribute greatly to long-term crime prevention because it can tackle the underlying causes of criminality. With equal access to quality schools, children would be able to learn valuable moral lessons and grow into well-behaved contributing members of the society. In addition, a high level of academic study and vocational training might enable individuals to secure a decent job and advance their life without resorting to illegal activities. This could be seen in Finland which boasts one of the world’s most successful school systems. The majority of their graduates have managed to find well-paid jobs upon graduation and the country’s crime rate has consistently been among the lowest globally.

In conclusion, there seems to be no single solution to crime eradication. While prisons can act as a viable short-term deterrent, an equitable and impeccable education system could be the ultimate long-term response to this critical problem.

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