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Essay Band 8 Companies Provide Facilities For the Community

All large companies should provide sports and social facilities for the local community. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Topic: Business => Corporate Social Responsibility – Viết theo kiểu Counter Argument (đoạn body 2)

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In addition to making a huge profit, corporations have various social responsibilities to fulfil. It has been proposed that they should fund the constructions of sports and other public facilities in local areas where they operate. I am a strong advocate of this idea and this essay will elaborate on my reasons.

Firstly, it is legitimate to expect these thriving businesses to give something back to the community. Mass consumption and continued support of the public have laid the solid foundation for the consistent growth of these giant companies. Without customers, they would immediately go bankrupt. Furthermore, by providing local people with essential facilities such as sports centres, parks, schools or playgrounds, businesses help build a healthy and well-educated population, which in turn can safeguard their future market. Bill Gates, for example, has donated billions to the improvement of healthcare and education facilities in poverty-stricken and developing countries around the globe. His philanthropic efforts have contributed significantly to a higher living standard of local residents, making it possible for them to afford Microsoft products.

Admittedly, such charitable projects might put a strain on these companies’ financial resources. However, I believe their lasting impacts on not only local communities but also the corporations themselves can justify the costs. Instead of squandering millions of dollars on advertising for short-term gains, corporations might be better off investing half of this amount on community building initiatives. This may enable them to project an even more favourable corporate image and leverage their brand rapport, resulting in sustainably increased sales and revenue.

In conclusion, I strongly support corporate funding of public facilities in local areas. This can offer meaningful and lasting benefits to both the community and the businesses themselves. 



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