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Advertisement Topic Ielts Speaking Part 1

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Advertisement: topic mới của bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 2 2021 nên sẽ tiếp tục thi trong Bộ đề Ielts Speaking quý 3 2021 các bạn nhé:

What kinds of advertisements do you see everyday?

Well, there is a wide range of adverts I encounter every single day, from billboards and leaflets on the street to pop-ups on the Internet. But I suppose the most intrusive ones are video commercials on Youtube and sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram. No matter how annoying or creepy they might be, I can’t skip or block all of them. 

Do you watch advertisements from the beginning to the end?

Well, I always try to avoid them at all cost or just watch a part of them as required. This is mainly because advertisements tend to be too direct or even offensive sometimes. There are exceptions of course. I’ve watched several viral commercials over and over. They are all well-directed and hilarious.

Have you ever bought something because of advertisements?

I have. However, after several stupid impulse purchases, I’ve decided to never trust advertisements again. Most of them tend to exaggerate or provide misleading information about the benefits of the sponsored items. Now, I depend on online reviews and word of mouth instead. Better safe than sorry you know.

Are there any advertisements you like?

Definitely. Recently  I’ve become a huge fan of Thai commercials. They are entertaining, touching and educational at the same time. I find it amazing that they never try to brag about their products but successfully get their messages through by telling meaningful stories. The way they approach and persuade their target audiences is so clever.

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