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A Short Trip You Dont Like

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Well, this topic reminded me of my daily commute to and from work, passing a heavily polluted river that flows through the eastern wing of my city.

I can’t stand the pervasive, unpleasant odour of its contaminated water, especially during scorching summer days. Due to rapid urbanization, the river has turned into black. Dumping of raw sewage and household garbage directly into the river has led to its massive pollution. Riding a bicycle or a motorcycle along the river is a huge torture. Added to that, severe traffic congestion, horrible smell of exhaust fumes  and incessant noise always drive me crazy.

Unfortunately, this route is the shortest to take, so for a last-minute person like me, I have no choice but to bear with all these inconveniences. I wish local people became more conscious of their environmental impact and joined hands with the authority to clean the river. I know it would be huge effort but at the end of the day, we must be responsible for what we have done. If I was able to enjoy my journey to work every day, perhaps I would be much more productive.

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